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Fayetteville State University Students Receive Emerging Leaders Certification


Twenty-Seven students
from Fayetteville State University’s (FSU) Broadwell College of Business &
Economics made history by earning BB&T Emerging Leaders Certification. They
are the first at FSU to earn this credential, and join the ranks of about 7,000
undergraduate and graduate students in the nation who have earned it.

BB&T Emerging Leaders Certification (ELC) program is a highly interactive
certification program for college and university students, which focuses on
self-awareness to lead others more effectively. Students learn about the
beliefs driving their leadership behaviors – both positive and negative – and
develop a better understanding of their personal strengths and weaknesses. The
curriculum also highlights the relationships between beliefs, motivation,
behaviors and results. After completing the program, students are equipped with
practical tools and strategies to overcome leadership shortcomings discovered
during the sessions and become a more effective leader.

The BB&T Leadership
Institute has 55 university partners, now including Fayetteville State, where
this certification training is offered. Dr. Tyechia Paul, a new addition to the
College of Business & Economics faculty and former corporate trainer, is
also certified as an external training facilitator by the BB&T Leadership
Institute. As such, she can deliver BB&T Emerging Leaders Certification
training at any university with which she is affiliated, at no charge to the
university or the students. BB&T values this training at $12,000 per
delivery. Essentially, the BB&T Leadership Institute and Dr. Paul have
given students a $12,000 in-kind corporate gift of training and certifications.

Dr. Paul directs the
Broadwell Leadership Institute (BLI), a new organization within the College of
Business. As part of the specialized soft skills training students receive
through the BLI, they are required to earn Emerging Leaders Certifications
during the academic year. Dr. Paul also made the opportunity available to
students who are enrolled in her classes. The next ELC training will be offered
in the spring. By completing the full day of leadership training, students earn
credential, which is issued by the BB&T Leadership Institute. Once earned,
students can add the credential to their resumes and LinkedIn profiles

Students earning the
certification are:

Dereka Addison, Frances Brown, Joan Carothers, Helena Cisse Rekaty, Aeriel Coats, Premiere Coston-Haskins, Kadijah DeBerry, Ahriana Edwards, Kayla Glenn, Cori Goode, Chyanne Gordon, Jessica Hathaway, Deaudrea Irving, Ciani Jennings, Rogers Jordan, III, Johnny King, Essence Kirby, Nickolas Kranz, Joshua Lashley, Christian Melendez, Erica Murphy, Adrian Norwood, Jameika Parker, Anyeliz Perez, Pete Skenteris, Adrienne Smith, and Jessica Young.

The BB&T Leadership
Institute, an executive and leadership consulting firm within BB&T
Corporation, includes a philanthropic branch, the Student Leadership
Development Team. The Student Leadership Development Team works with partner
schools to certify undergraduate and graduate students as emerging leaders, at
no charge to the students or the schools. Dr. Paul established contact with
BB&T in 2015 and has been making the certification training available to
her students ever since.

Fayetteville State University

Fayetteville State University is a constituent institution of The
University of North Carolina System and the second-oldest public institution of
higher education in the state, having been founded in 1867. FSU is a
historically black university offering degrees at the baccalaureate, master’s,
and doctoral levels. With more than 6,500 students, Fayetteville State
University is among the most diverse institutions in the nation. To learn more
about Fayetteville State University, visit www.uncfsu.edu.

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